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Flower Buds


The Nature of Things, LLC began in 1997 as a small prekindergarten class in the Nashua, NH home of founders Debbie and Denis Gleeson. Just 25 years later and now spanning three generations of the Gleeson family, that small class has grown into 2nd Nature Academy, a private, independent school nurturing and educating infants through high schoolers, tucked away on an idyllic farm campus in south Nashua. Meanwhile, The Nature of Things, LLC has blossomed into something much more significant than a single class of four-year-olds: A community.


The Nature of Things, LLC is a collective, partnered with likeminded businesses built upon the ideals of healthy lifestyles, sustainable practices, and personal growth and learning. Each of the member businesses strive to inspire, educate, and motivate our clients to achieve lifestyle goals, support local, and get creative, all in the name of building a collaborative and vibrant community.


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